WTC Expo’s own organisation organises many exhibitions, conferences and events. The press is welcome at all events organised by WTC Expo itself. WTC Expo facilitates many events as well. Specific press information about events, facilities and admission can be found on the relevant websites. See our events calendar for more information and links..
The press room for media representatives is directly next to the entrance. This is also where the event’s organisation is accommodated during the event.
Access and parking
Media representatives who visit a WTC Expo event can use a press card to gain access to the event. The press can use the parking facilities and, if necessary, will also be issued an exit ticket. Should you have any questions about an event, or wish to receive a press card for an event or relevant press material, please contact the event manager.
Put your name down
Please put your name down here to receive the press file and specify the event you are interested in so that we can keep you posted on the latest news on the event.

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