We have leased office space in the World Trade Center (WTC) in Leeuwarden for more than 10 years now.

When I first arrived in early 2000, the building was still called EATC, says Hans de Boer (partner at Boer & Egberts Advocaten). The transition to the WTC organisation a few years later has only made it better for us tenants.
The quality of the leased space and the service we can fall back on is excellent. A solution mentality, not a problem mentality, reigns supreme. We like that. Because that’s our mentality too as lawyers.
The location is also very important for us as professional service providers. In that respect WTC Leeuwarden meets all positive qualifications. Easily accessible, ample parking and first-rate professional appeal.
The WTC Business Club also provides us with an effective network.
And, last but not least, the price is really very reasonable.
All in all, we are very content tenants. In our opinion, there is no better location in Leeuwarden.

De Boer & Egberts Advocaten

Easy accessibility and an allure that suits our company were the initial reasons for Ulinq to consider WTC Leeuwarden as a potential location for its offices.
Once you actually move in, you appreciate other services that are provided, like the central reception desk, mail service and security. Having a café and restaurant on the premises is very convenient for appointments with business relations. Should meetings end later than expected, our visiting business contacts spend the night at the hotel. The possibility of renting meeting rooms by the morning or afternoon saves costs; flexibility that other companies have now discovered as well.
In short, it is an excellent, dynamic location in whose ambiance one can easily settle as a business tenant.

Tjep Smits, Ulinq

We enjoy a very pleasant working relationship with WTC Expo. Whether our dealings involve a meeting for 25 people or an international conference for 500 guests, WTC Expo offers the perfect accommodation for any type of gathering. The plenary room that can seat more than 800 people comes with all conceivable facilities and its convenient seating arrangement is conducive to fast and efficient workshop rounds.
The excellent catering, ample free parking and the ”everything is possible” mentality of the staff is the reason why both we and (much more importantly) our clients speak highly of WTC Expo.

Jant van Dijk, Congres Bureau Friesland