We help companies expand onto the international market.
Connecting and knowledge are our two key words in this respect. Connecting by means of our global network and by providing knowledge via hands-on experts. Knowing what you as an entrepreneur seek, being the eyes and ears in the market and connecting you with potential customers and suppliers..
As one of the 330 branches of the World Trade Centers Association, the World Trade Center Leeuwarden is the gateway to a global network of no less than 800,000 organisations and companies for businesses in the Northern Netherlands. The basic principle of the global WTC network is to help each other’s members.
We – WTC Leeuwarden – bring our region to the attention of the rest of the world with a view to strengthening the regional economy.
We do this by:
Giving guidance to companies that do or aim to do domestic or international business via:
The WTC network (close to 800,000 companies are members of the WTC network via 322 offices in 90 countries) and/or
The WTC database (5.1 million companies in 65 countries) and/or
The WTC search (using other networks in countries where we do not have a WTC or database).
The WTC Coaching
The WTC Business Club, the leading platform for business meetings, informative meetings and company visits
The WTC Business Academy
The WTC International Newsletters
All activities are Business to Business oriented.